Various chord progressions with slash chords

Here I have prepared a whole arsenal of chord progressions using slash chords, shown in different keys and a lot of variations. They can be used as modular construction system and inspiration for your own songs. I'm sure you will find more variations or ways to combine the chords.

Absteigender Bass

A chord progressions with descending basslines has already been shown in a previous lesson. Here you can find more interesting possibilities.

Descending bass

Starting from major (or maj7) chord

The examples in A major

The examples in D major:

Starting from minor (or minor 7th) chord

The examples in A minor

The examples in D minor:

Ascending bass

This kind of progression is often used in a prechorus (or "bridge") right before the chorus. The ascending bassline leads to a higher emotional state and often ends with a V7 or V7sus (mostly V7sus9) chord - the sus chords is also written as slash chord here (see lesson slash chords - part 1). This chord then resolves to the first chord of the chorus, where all those emotions can be sreamed out loudly ;-)

Starting from major (or maj7) chord

In some oft the shown progressions you can add a V7sus9 chord by yourself. In G major it's a C/D, in D major it's G/A.

Starting from minor (or minor 7th) chord

Pedal bass