The Oolimo Guitar Chords App

The essential Oolimo tools in an App, optimized for mobile touch screens. It works completely offline, no waiting for sound files to load. Contains:

  • the guitar chord finder
  • the guitar chord analyzer - now supporting open tunings! (app only)
  • NEW! chord progressions with an innovative interactive chord matrix!
  • the guitar chord quizzes

...more features will be added with future updates.

The New Chord Progression Tool

The Matrix

The chord matrix shows the most common basic chord types for each chromatic tone of a major scale

Remember: the minor scale is just the major scale starting from the VIth scale degree. Complex progressions always relate to the scale degrees of major. Only when talking about some short cadences you may change that, like e.g. calling VIIm7b5-II7-VIm7 a "minor II-V-I" progression.

All keys

You can change the key of the matrix ...and consequently of all progressions.

Universal chords or key related?

You can switch between seeing the chords in a general form with the scale degrees written in roman numbers or the selected key.


Select one or more chords from a matrix and get the progressions using all those chords.

Multi-selection within a column

By selecting more than one chord in a column you tell the matrix that at least one of the chords in that column must be in the progression.

The List

Get a list of great and common chord progressions with a hint where you can find that progression.

If you don't select anything in the matrix, the list just shows all progressions that are delivered with the app.

The Chord Shapes

Every progressions can be viewed in all keys and most of them are shown with several varying sets of chord shapes.

You can change the orientation from horizontal to vertical and of course from right-handed to left handed diagramms.

Controls of the chord view

Notes/intervals button, "super correct button" allowing double accidentals (and Fb, E#, Cb and B#), orientation button and buttons to zoom chord diagrams in and out.

The active progression in the matrix

If a chord progression has been selected in the list and is shown in the chord view, you can go back and see its chords highlighted in the matrix!

A source of inspiration

Not only is the matrix a finding or filtering tool for the delivered progressions, it also helps you to create your own progressions, whether you start from one single chord or modify an existing progression.

Privacy Statement

Everything needs a privacy statement today, you know that...

To be honest, I'm not at all interested in your personal data. This app is not free, but for now it costs you less than inviting me for a drink, therefore it's free of advertisings and I don't even need to collect any statistical data to convince any flack to deliver well payed banners to jangle your nerves. No annoying "upgrade to pro" messages, you already went for pro :-).

The Oolimo app may need access to you divices storage* to be able to store and restore some options you chose or chords you want to remember, not at all to send me nice pictures or tell me anything else about you.

*) for now I am just using "web storage" as storing technology. Your phone may not even ask for that one.

The only thing I'm interested in is that you can get he most out of this app to improve your musical comprehension and playing. I'm super grateful if you like this app and recommend it to others and if I can at least partly meet the expenses of making a living from the Oolimo project. Thanks and good luck!

Day/Night Mode

The Oolimo App is fun to use, wherever you are. The day mode inverts the contrast scheme to increase readability in daylight. Chord diagrams or staves are much sharper in the app, with a nice clean user interface.

Filter Chords in the Chord Finder

With the buttons for the most common chord categories you can find your chord much faster.

Store and Compare

Use the quick storage of the Chord Analyzer to save up to 9 chords to compare them or keep them until you know them by heart.

Find and Analyze

Transfer a chord from the Chord Finder to the Chord Analyzer and

  • see what its inversions are named
  • see the notes of the chords on a staff
  • modify, transpose, extend or reduce the chord

Tuning Manager

The Chord Analyzer also supports open tunings.

In case you don't find your special tuning in the presets, every tuning cam be edited freely. You can reset the tuning later, if needed.


The quizzes are the perfect way to improve your chord and theory knowledge wherever you are, in the underground, waiting room or a break.


On the start screen of the app you can switch to lefthanded mode. The all chord diagrams will be flipped horizontally.